The thing about Andy is, he's a fisherman--with all that entails.

A patient man, quiet man, soft-spoken and mild, Andy could sit by the water with a fishing pole all day. Even if he caught nothing, he would count it as time well-spent.
"Fishing isn't about catching fish," he often tells me. Fishing, for him, is about being still, thinking, and just BEING.

And, as the saying goes, still waters run deep. His placid surface hides a deeply thoughtful, kind man who loves to play pranks and tell stories. He is quietly stubborn, invariably kind .Patient and a "go with the flow" kind of guy, he is also the most steady, stalwart, strongest man I've ever met. He survived leukemia and now views life with a zest and child-like joy. In fact, he is currently winning a tickle fight with our two kids, and laughing just as much as they are.

My fisherman

 My day isn't complete without one of his big, squishy hugs that squeeze the air out of me. Life hands us our lumps and throws us our curve balls, but I know as long as I have my Andy by my side, all will be well. He's my rock, my calm in the storm, my best friend.

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