Saturday, March 15, 2008

No more monkies jumping on the bed!

Yes, there was bed jumping today. And yes, there was blood gushing today. And yes, it was Lizzie's. And yes. I. Was. So. MAD!!! Nate could hear it as I tore up the stairs to answer the THUD! And he locked the door. And yes. I. Was. SO. MAD!!!!! Lizzie is wailing, and I'm Yelling, "Nate Marcus! Open this door RIGHT. NOW!!" He opened it. And there's my little Lizzie, blood running out her nose, tears running down her face. Poor baby! The nose was (thankfully) in tact. And boy, did it bleed! She was a trooper, and after much cuddling, she was okay (although the nose is still sore). Nate was grounded from video games for three days for doing exactly what Mommy told him NOT to do. *sigh*

Hope you all had a blood-free day. And have a great weekend!


  1. Sounds like the day I had last week. Sorry Mary, and sorry Lizzie, and NATE BE A GOOD BOY BEFORE YOU DRIVE YOUR MOM TO DRINK!!


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