Monday, March 3, 2008

No wannit!

This is what Lizzie said about her last bread stick when we went to lunch with Andy today. Food, again. Perhaps we just found our fool-proof rewards system for her. :D Although, she said "bum" yesterday without any food prompting at all. ;)

We've decided it's time to get serious about potty-training (cringe), so the next few weeks will be interesting. I hate potty training. And it's time for corn rows again! Our friends gave us some new moisturizer/relaxant to try on Lizzie's hair, so we'll see how it works. Lizzie's hair gets a lot drier than Nate's.

Boy, our house feels cold today! Brrr! Leaky old windows! Can't wait for spring so our heating costs go down!

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  1. good luck with potty training lizzy! :) my mom was going to do that with Mason but he doesn't eaven like sitting on the potty!


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