Monday, April 14, 2008

Andy's Birthday

Andy's birthday is on June 20th, that's a Friday. I really want to do something great for him this year. I think I will buy him an Idaho fishing license, just like his dad used to. Island Park is not even 2 hours away--very do-able for a day out fishing! But, I've also thought about getting him a new grill (the one we got for our wedding did not survive the last move very well). Any ideas? He would be thrilled with either. The fishing license is cheaper in the short-term, but has the added cost of actually packing up the boat and driving somewhere (but the benefits of fresh fish! YUM!). The grill is more expensive in the short-term. I wish I could do both! Yummy fresh fish on the grill! :) I have a few weeks to think about it, thank goodness!

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