Sunday, April 6, 2008

Bonjour, tout la monde!

Hello and how are you, everyone! Are you enjoying General Conference? We are lucky enough to be able to stream it online, in the comfort of our home. Yippee! Much better than hauling the kids off to the Stake Center and trying to maintain order for 2 hours!

We are all well and happy. I'm getting more pictures together, so keep an eye out for them!

We are trying to decide on plan for Lizzie's b-day. Anyone interested in coming?

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  1. We have been thinking of taking you up on the offer to come down to go swimming. Remind me when her b-day is. Let's talk.

  2. Yeah, when is Lizzy's birthday? We really need to come and see you guys sometime! I'm considering coming up after I get all my ads (for the Rodeo program) and making (well begging) Andy to help me, but that's not very fun, so maybe we need to come up before then so I won't be tempted to take advantage of my poor unsuspecting brother... Ooh-Hoo-Ah-Ah-Ah! (That's an evil laugh BTW)
    (Oh and forgive me for that never-ending run-on sentence)


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