Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Home at last

It was just one of those long nights at work. Nothing much went wrong, but it was just one of those nights where it felt great to walk into the house.

Andy went to the chiropractor yesterday and again today, so we're hoping he feels better soon. He is still quite sore, and the chiropractor said, "No lifting kids!" Hm. You can imagine how well that is going over with the resident Daddy's Girl.

Nate is going completely insane. He wants to be outside so bad! The weather is supposed to warm up tomorrow, so that will help. He is also taking a field trip for school tomorrow. To Pizza Hut! One of his favorites! He'll be able to eat breadsticks for hours! :) I predict a happy Nater-tater tomorrow afternoon.

Lizzie is making an effort to separate her words better. One of these days, we won't need a Lizzie-to-English dictionary! She was very tired tonight and we put her to bed before I left for work. She was so happy to crawl into bed and get ready for a rest. I love bedtime with Lizzie!

I'm still kickin' around. For those who don't know, I didn't get the job I applied for. I was a bit bummed, but not entirely surprised. Ah well. I am working on my faith that everything happens for a reason.

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