Sunday, May 4, 2008

Profound & Illuminating (or not)

Have you ever read one of those blogs where each new post is a study in brilliant, witty writing? I have. I wish I had witty, brilliant things to say--or at least profound and illuminating things (as my brother David would say). But I don't. Alas. And yet, you still keep reading, so I am happy.

I am still feeling unwell today, but managed to upload some pics into a slide show for you. :) I swear I had some pics of Lizzie's birthday uploaded, but they have disappeared. They are floating around in cyber-space somewhere, looking for a home. If you find them, give them directions.

We are into May, already! When did that happen? Seems like just last week, we had snow flying and really cold weather--wait--yes...yes, that was last week. No wonder the warm, spring-like weather has caught me off guard! We are grateful for a break in the weather, even though it means all of our allergies are going crazy. The kids and dogs were in the back yard today, enjoying the warmth and having a blast! I sat on the step and watched. Shelly is slowing down a bit in her old age, but still keeps up with Nater-tater. Who would have thought that crazy, spazzy, bouncy dog we brought home almost 9 years ago would turn into such a gem of a dog! (Well, I did...)

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