Monday, May 12, 2008


No, I'm not kidding. It is snowing today. I feel as if I may cry. :(

Between moving bricks and moving the family in the ward, Andy threw his back out. He is at the chiropractor (hey look! I spelled it correctly!) at the moment. To have him home threw off the routine immediately. Then, I remembered that Nate had a field trip today! To the kindergarten class he'll be in next year! This is not his usual day for school, so the routine was well and truly out the window by then. Dropped Nate off, went grocery shopping, picked Nate up, dropped Andy off, came home, unloaded groceries, fed kids, and it's not even 2 p.m. yet! *whew!* Will soon be picking Andy up, dropping him at work, coming home, putting Lizzie down for a nap and having a minor breakdown.

How was everyone's Mother's Day? Mother's Day is often a hard day for me. When we were waiting for our first child, Mother's Day was just a cruel reminder that I still wasn't a mother, no matter how much I wanted to be. Every Mother's Day that rolls around while I'm waiting for a child reminds me of my infertility; reminds every infertile woman that she cannot have kids whenever she and her spouse decide it's time for another one. We have great joy in the children we have received, yet it is a hard, hard day for many adoptive mothers. Yesterday was not bad at all for me. In fact, I found myself thinking a great deal about our kids' birthmom and hoping she is well and finding some semblance of happiness in her life. We honor her, love her and wish her all the best.


  1. Mother's day aches always seems to be enhanced by all the speakers talking about the infallable women in their life. Makes me almost glad father's day is usually swept under the rug. We've decided if it snows one more time before June we are going on strike. By the way did you see "Juno", and did you enjoy it?


  2. Haven't seen Juno yet, but have heard good things about it on my adoption forum. I will put it at the top of the Netflix list.


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