Friday, July 18, 2008


Nate has been saying some pretty funny stuff lately. Of course, if you have (or have had) a five-year-old, you know they can come up with some crazy things to say! Here are some of Nate's latest:

While racing Andy to the car: "Don't beat me Daddy! Don't beat me!" (I didn't even look around to see the reaction from the other Wal-Mart customers in the parking lot that day)

While we were in the car, listening to a song that has a chorus that says "I keep bleeding love" over and over again: "If you're bleeding, you need a band-aid!"

In response to "How are you today, Nate?" at church: "My mommy's MEAN!" (We'd had an argument about which shoes to wear to church)

Upon presenting me with a shoe-lace from one of his shoes and some of his newly-acquired Pokemon cards: "Send this to Mama Lisa! It will make her so happy!" (Awwww! They're going out in the mail tomorrow)

Showing me his picture of Grandma that he drew: "I have a happy little grandma!"

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  1. Nate is just so funny it's just pure fun to be around him because he is so silly :) tell Nate hi for me. If you give me your e-mail somehow I can e-mail Nate since he likes mail..... if you want.

    miss you guys!!


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