Monday, August 4, 2008

Yes, we're still alive

We haven't dropped off the face of the earth. It has been a very busy week, trying to catch up on housework and laundry and the usual craziness of work. :) Life as usual.

So, revisiting our reunion trip, as promised. The visit with Ammon was really the best part for me. He has grown so tall! We all got lost on our way to the park, which fried nerves and stressed out the kids. Ammon and Nate were both so keyed up for their visit! Ammon was half afraid, of course, because his last few visits with Isabelle have fallen through. (insert angry face here) Nevertheless, Nate, Ammon, Isaiah, Carter and Halle (those are Ammon's brothers and sister) had a great time running around! I wish we had more time for the boys to remember each other so they could have a really good visit. Becky and I had a great time gabbing about the kids and comparing notes about behavior patterns: Ammon and Nate are both addicted to sugar, to the point of eating it straight, with a spoon; Lizzie rocks herself to sleep, Ammon does too. It is funny to look into the face of an eight-year-old boy and see my kids' eyes looking back at me. I just wanted to scoop them all up into a great big hug! Lizzie pooped out toward the end of the visit and fell asleep cuddled in my arms. Ammon came up and looked at her, and with the softest smile on his face, ran his fingers gently down Lizzie's cheek. He really is a sweet little guy! Seeing him with Nate & Lizzie always makes us think about moving to Utah to be closer to him.

We loved staying in the mountains! I miss the smell of the mountains often. And the stars. We don't see the stars here in town, but up the canyon in Utah, we could almost reach out and touch them.

We have found a little lake about 20 minutes' drive from here. So quiet and peaceful. I think we'll be spending a lot of time there throughout the rest of the summer.

Next week is An Ri Ra, the Irish dance & music festival here. Anyone feel like coming and enjoying!? I think we'll try to check it out.

Andy is hoping to rip the kitchen apart starting the 18th. I am nervous. He has taken the week off from work, so here's hoping for a good outcome!

I finished Breaking Dawn, the last book in the Twilight Saga. One word: Woooooo....

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