Monday, September 8, 2008


So, Nate said another odd thing the other day. He was muttering to himself about "Grandpa." I could make out that he was saying, "Grandpa likes (fill in blank), Grandpa likes (fill in this one, too)..." So I asked him, "What about Grandpa?" "Grandpa liked to ride his bike when he was a kid."

Huh? I asked Andy if his dad liked to ride bikes when he was a kid. "I don't know if he even had a bike," was the reply. I asked my mom if my dad liked to ride bikes when he was a kid. "I don't know," was the reply. Huh. Can't figure out where Nate got the idea that one of his grandpas liked to ride a bike when he was a kid. So, definitely one for the HUH? file.

Yes, we are enjoying the newly-renovated kitchen. The cupboards are kind of a blond color, not blue, as that horribly-lit picture may lead you to believe. Lizzie likes playing on the new floor, and everything is in a much more logical spot now. And there's room for the table! Hooray!

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