Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Winter again

We woke up to a rather alarming development yesterday. Snow. It melted off, but I guess summer is officially over (did we ever really have one?) and winter is here again. Ugh.

Nate seems to be enjoying school. He comes home tuckered out. His buddy Taro came over for a bit today, which made both boys very happy. Nate misses his friend when they are apart. He has already lost his lunch box. *sigh* Typical.

Lizzie isn't quite sure what to do with herself these days. We just putter around the house together. She can finally play with her toys without Nate taking them away, and this revelation has made her very happy! :) It is a chance for some quality Mommy/Daughter time, and we're both enjoying that. She makes me laugh every day.

Time to get ready for work! It promises to be a rough night for me. :( Someday, when I'm rich & famous, I'll buy the paper and run it the way it should be run. ;)

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