Sunday, December 21, 2008


Well, I'm just playing around with the layout of the blog, as you can see. What do you think? I find darker colors restful, but this is about you--the readers! So, let me know. I will have a lot of fun trying new formats.



  1. Colors are nice. Why am I not listed as a follower? Just wondering. Merry Christmas. Hope Andy doesn't feel yucky for too long.

  2. Sherrie, did you click on "follow"? I just added the following thing a couple of weeks ago. I don't add who follows the account, the "followers" add themselves. Does that make sense? I'm confusing myself. There should be a button or a link that says "follow this blog" somewhere...

  3. i love the new background, it's great. i'm so sorry you are sick again!! thanks for sending hugs long distance so i dont get sick too...that was so thoughtful of you!!! tee hee


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