Sunday, September 13, 2009

Update II

Yes, we're still here!

Thanks, everyone, for you prayers and concern for my mom. I have not talked with my folks this week, but last time I spoke to my dad, he said she was still feeling very naucious. The doctors were thinking perhaps it was her pain patch that was causing the nausia, so they're stepping down the dosage to see if that helps; if it does, Mom is of a mind to lose the pain patch altogether. It is hard enough for her to be sick, but to still feel sick when all the doctors say she should be feeling better--! Well, as you can imagine, it is very frustrating!

Nate started first grade a couple of weeks ago. He has been surprised and delighted that his teacher is nice. :) She certainly agrees with him! He comes home every day with stars and smileys all over his papers. She has earned his trust very quickly and he obviously is thriving under her teaching style! Nate has a visit to the orthodontist tomorrow. His teeth are just too darn big for his mouth!

Lizzie is feeling under the weather today. It's always a bummer to have her smile disappear behind a sad "I don't feel good" face. Here's hoping she feels better soon. She is going to the doctor soon to figure out an iron deficiency that has been making that smile disappear a lot lately.

Andy and I are doing fine. We're plugging along at the paper. Just the usual.

We do have a little news on the adoption front. We're being considered by an agency in Michigan for a baby due in December. Um...that's basically all we know. We do know the baby will be African American, but we don't know the gender. Our homestudy hasn't even made it there yet, so there's really nothing more to report. The agency is hoping to match the birthmom with a family soon, so we're hoping we hear something quickly. Michigan adoption laws are a little crazy, so if we are matched with this birthmom, we still may not bring the baby home until March, or even May! It would be a good teaching opportunity about Foster parents for Nate, who still doesn't quite grasp the concept.

That's it from us for now! We'll keep you updated on everything!

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  1. Wow. Craziness! I think I passed your mom on the street outside the temple yesterday. I was sure wondering about her. Thanks for the update. Our baby is due in Dec too, so wouldn't that be fun? Great to hear from ya!


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