Thursday, November 10, 2011

D'oh! (Days 9 and 10)

Well, nobody's perfect. I did say I'd try to post every day.

I'm listening to Christmas music already. Yes, I know. But, I really, really like Christmas music! And, as you can imagine, it has kind of driven adoption-related lyrics from my mind. I'm not ready for a foot of snow or icy roads yet (Montana, remember?), but I do love that special feeling around Christmas time.

Wait...what was I supposed to be talking about? Ooooh, that's right: Adoption! Well, here's a song that  speaks to me of actually speaks to me of many things, and I've listened to it many times over. Finding joy in the journey of adoption can be such a hard thing. The ups and downs, twists and turns...when I'm on road trips I get car sick, and I have to say that the journey of adoption has often made me emotionally car sick.'s all part of life, right? Adoption or not, we all have our own winding roads, our own mountains to climb. I hope I can pause more often and enjoy the view...

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