Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sharing time

Today, I thought I'd just share a few web sites for y'all to check out. Sound good? Alrighty then!

First, some adoption profiles/blogs. My dear, dear friends who are still waiting:

Sheyann and JJ are waiting and hoping for their second child. They live in Idaho, and they're awesome! I'm totally in love with their little boy, too. What a sweetheart!

Susan and John are hoping to adopt their first child. Susan is one of my favoritest people. We've been in the same support group for years, and I just love her.

Eleanor is my bud. She teaches English as a second language to little kids! How cool is that? She and her partner Kate are waiting for their first child.

I almost forgot! Bridget and her hubby and hoping for kid #2! Fun and fantastic family in UT!

Yes, we're still waiting, too, but you're already ON our blog, haha. (I'm a dork, sue me.)

This is a blog I was linked to today. SO what I needed to hear! Made me laugh, made me cry, made me even more determined to be kinder to myself. Check it out here.

Hyperbole and a half makes me laugh and makes me think. Her stories about her dogs just CRACK me up! But there's serious stuff on there too. *Language warning: F-bomb used at times*

You won't think you're a geek...until you visit this site, and then you'll realize your inner geek has been there all along, wishing to come out and play! :) I spent a great deal of time yesterday being thrilled at the super fun stuff on this site. Oh my, the fun!

So what are some of you're favorite sites? Feel like sharing? Huh, huh? Wanna wanna wanna?? Come on, all the COOL kids are doing it! :)

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  1. Thanks for the "spotlight" this week! :) Now I need to go check out some of your other favs. Love ya!


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