Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Something about Mary

Very few people read this blog, really. I mean, seriously--maybe a handful of people wander through and read it. Mostly, they're family. Some friends. People from Russia who stumble in by mistake. And I seem to have a loyal reader in Brazil. Interesting. Anyway, my point is this--most of you already know these things about me. But . . . ya' know what? I really need to put it in words tonight.

I am . . .

. . . D and R's youngest daughter. I have my mother's hands and my father's eyes.

. . . the agony of my mother's death, and the triumph of knowing I will see her again.

. . . fierce. Beyond anything even I can imagine. Because, as I mentioned above, I am my mother's daughter and I know no other way.

. . . patient. Because, I am also my father's daughter, and he taught me to temper my fierceness with careful thought and understanding.

. . . a fighter. I shouldn't have survived my own birth, the nurses and doctors told my parents. I did. And boy, I've fought for everything I've accomplished ever since.

. . . adoption. I hold it closely to my heart, as it makes my very existence possible. Thank you, Grandma H, for your sorrow and heartache, fortitude and perseverance. D wouldn't have found R otherwise. And I wouldn't be any of this without you.

I believe . . .

. . . God knows us and loves us, on a very personal level.

. . . In true love.

. . . in possibilities.

. . . in everybody's ability to change, if they truly want to.

. . . that I WILL see my mom again, and that moment will be glorious and joyful, and the years without her will be swept away in with the fullness of it.

I think . . .

. . . people who are mean to animals are going to hell.

. . . likewise for people to mistreat children.

. . . My kids are the most beautiful, radiant, amazing people I know.

I love . . .

. . . my husband

. . . my kids

. . . my family

. . . my sister, who has found a new place in my heart the past few years. Love you, sis. Don't think I would have made it this far without you.

. . . music (oh, come on! You knew that one was coming!)

. . . meadow larks, because they remind me of my mom.

. . . animals, because I believe they teach us about unconditional love. Besides, I can't get my kids to run after tennis balls (haha)

Love me, hate me, feel however the heck you want about me. I don't care. I am who I am, and right now . . . at this moment . . . I am so darn happy with that! I am guilty of focusing too much on my own shortcomings and faults. I forget who I really am. I forget who my parents raised me to be. I lose sight of who and what I am in my obsession with who and what I'm not.

No more.

. . . So. How's everyone else feeling today?

HEY! Keep being awesome!


  1. Okay, that last "poster" just made me laugh out loud! LOVE it.


  2. Awesomeness is soooo awesome. You are also your amazing sense of humor! Love you, Mary! All the way from Way Over Here! <3


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