Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Still busy busy

Things continue to zip along in our little world. Good grief, could we get any busier? I'm sure we could...please, Universe, don't take that as a challenge! Really, I didn't mean it! Ack!

Seriously, we're all doing good here. Can't believe it's May. Just one more month of school! Despite the snow today, I continue to believe that spring--nay, SUMMER! Is just around the corner. It is!

Kids are getting big and sassy. Can't believe Lizzie just turned six. My sweet little girl is growing up so fast! They both are. Where's the time going? Anyway, she got a bright orange bike, and she loooooooves it. She pedals too fast to get a picture, but I'll keep trying!

So, what's new with everyone else? Anything?

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