Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mary's momcation

For my birthday, my bestest bud got me the most out-of-this-this-world-amazing gift! Tickets to me all-time favorite band: MUMFORD AND SONS!! My somewhat obsessive interest in Mumford and Sons is kind of complicated. I might go into it in more detail one of these days, but suffice to say their music strikes a chord deep within my soul. So not only am I blessed with an amazing friend who would buy tickets, but she also understood that attending the concert would be a really big deal for me! Awesomely awesome!

Even now, two days later, I am breathless at the memory of the concert! Breathless, speechless, and completely grateful for the fantastic outpouring of energy Mumford and Sons put into their performance. Marcus danced around the stage, spinning is circles with his guitar while Ben jumped up and down as he pounded on his keyboard. Winston made sweet love to his banjo (watch a recording of them playing live--you'll understand), and Ted closed his eyes as he brought it all together with the bass. It was obvious they were having a ball playing for us. They were feeding off our energy, we were feeding off theirs, and it all mixed into a night of singing, dancing, screaming, and jumping. It was all I had hoped for and so much more!

I bought over-priced merchandise:

I laughed . . .

I cried . . . (my eyes out . . . all the way through this one . . .)

. . . and left the next day feeling utterly blessed, uplifted, and completely awed:

I wish I had the words to describe it all to you. Powerful, fantastic, splendid, soulful, gripping, heart-wrenching . . . all these are true, but still don't capture the exact experience.

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  1. Sounds like it was JUST what you needed!!!! LOVE this post and how happy you sound! Love you!


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