Monday, January 21, 2008


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Well, I guess it is time to give in to the pressure and start a blog! Welcome, welcome. You can now read all about our lives online! Post your comments, etc., or it ain't any fun!

So what's happening with us right now? Let's see...

Nate continues to enjoy preschool. He has declared that he best friend Taro is really his brother (hm...time to go through the whole adoption talk again, perhaps...). He loves memorizing his books and then "reading" them to us. He misses his cousins and often asks when we're going to "Landon's House," (i.e. Grandma's House). He is also very much into dinosaurs right now, and he continues to love art; drawing, painting, coloring are his favorites right now!

Lizzie is growing so fast! She gets her kicks out of bugging Nate. Music is the big love in her life now, still, forever. I love how diverse her tastes are! She cracks us up day in, day out. She seems to be moving past the "flinging food everywhere" stage (thank goodness!). She's decided maybe she should start talking now, and told me "Get away!" yesterday. Hm. Not exactly what I was hoping for. ;)

Andy still likes working at the paper. His coworkers love him and we are forever getting gifts for him and the kids (hey, what about me!?). He is the assistant ward clerk, which he enjoys. He is looking forward to the far, far-away fishing season. I think he's gonna break down and go ice-fishing one of these days, if anyone will tell him where to go. Er...where to go fishing, that is.

I am working evenings at the paper. It is an adjustment, but is going well so far. Andy hangs with the kids and puts them to bed, which they love! Then, they wake up with me as usual. I think I am to one having to adjust the most! I just got released from the Young Women presidency (because I couldn't make Wednesday night activities), and put in as the 14-15 yr. olds' Sunday School teacher. Innnnteresting. Should be good.

So that's what's up with us today. Zup with you? Let us know!


  1. Interesting how we are all blogging now. It is fun to look at your's. I struggle for things to write on mine. What is the White Tie Shirt thing? Hope you gets some sleep. Will be watching for your other web site addresses.

  2. Nice to see you join! gave in to the pressure huh? lol

    Your kids are adorable!! they really grow up so fast!

    I'm also the Sunday school teacher for 14-15 years olds.


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