Sunday, January 27, 2008

Laughing out Loud

Question: Plus Mickell says, "What's 'Er'?"

Answer: what on says when one doesn't know what to say. Kind of like "um" or "uh." Can also use "erm," which is what my friends from the UK and Australia use. :D

Thanks for thinking of us when it's cold out! *insert eye roll here* It hasn't been bad the last couple of days.

We are all getting over our cold(s).

Nate is trying to get my attention. What's so important?? "He's bugging me!" he complains, pointing at Andy. Sometimes they act more like siblings than father/son. Moments ago, Nate was yelling "Mom said no roughing!" (Mom actually said No rough housing.) Cracks me up!

We don't have our adoption sites up yet. I have to wait for payday for the one ($60.00--ouch), and LDSFS needed us to sign (yet another) release form, so we had to send that back and we're waiting for the okay. The hopetodopt site will be

HI to our little Ms! Mickell, Madeline, Maquire, Mason, & McKay! Hope you cuties are doing well! Hugs and kisses from Aunt Mary, Uncle Andy, and your cousins Nate & Lizzie!

We got a package from Ammon yesterday. Full of Spiderman stuff for Nater-tater! Wuhoo! He was so excited to get a present from his brother. :) Nate really wants another brother! We keep telling him to ask Heavenly Father--only Heavenly Father knows when we're bringing home a brother or a sister!

And he says, "But Heavenly Father can't know!"

And I say, "Yes, Heavenly Father knows everything. That's why He's Heavenly Father."

"But that's a big job! He can't know everything!"

Hm. More work to do on helping him understand the Nature of God. He's only five, so I guess he's doing pretty good, really. :D

That's it for today.

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