Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Why do I need a title?

Ah, and here we are again, dear readers! Another day older and wiser. So let's see what's up with the crew today!

Lizzie's nose is running off her face. I hope it doesn't develop into an ear infection. She got a white-noise maker for Christmas from her Aunty Liz. We love that thing. Blocks out the household noises so she can sleep. Miracle machine!

Nate is banished to his bedroom till he gets it cleaned up. -sigh- This could (and probably will) go on all day. If I go in to help him even just a little bit, I end up doing all the cleaning while he sits on the bed and watches. -sigh-

Work was not as bad as I predicted last night. Indeed, it went quite well. I anticipate an e-mail with a huge list of things I did wrong, cuz things just went way too smoothly! Ah, well. Tonight is a nice, quiet Wednesday, where I just build comics pages for hours on end (boring beyond belief, and not hard in the least). Now that work seems to be settling down a bit, I need to get back to my real profession, which is writing. I have chapters' worth of stuff hanging around in my brain; and we all know that space is limited up there, so I'd better get it out and onto some paper (or onto a hard drive).

Andy is Andy. And if you know Andy, that says it all. :) He is still cooking up ideas for our mythical bed and breakfast that we're going to start someday, when one of my books hits Opera's Book Club. Ha ha! Did anyone else just have an image of a book flying through the air and hitting Opera on the head? Er...maybe not.

FYI, the "Now playing: Song title & artist" thing is an option through Firefox, an internet browser I use. Click the link and it takes you to the video for the song and has the lyrics to look at. If you use Firefox, I think it starts playing the song, too, when you click the link. Not sure. It's there, so I use it. :)

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