Thursday, February 7, 2008

No nap time today

Lizzie did me the disfavor of napping early today. So, now that I'm tired, she's wide awake. No nap for Mommy today! :(

We are thinking of taking some Foster Care training. I guess they had a lot of people asking for weekend training, cuz they scheduled all 18 hours for one weekend! I would have to take Friday and Saturday nights off and find someone to take the kids, but it may be worth it. More and more states are asking for adoptive parents to have the foster care training, and eventually Nate will run into issues with being far away from his brothers and sister; having some training in how to deal with seperation and loss due to adoption will very probably come in helpful. Anyway. Still not sure we could pull it off. It's two hours Friday (the 22nd) and all day Saturday and all day Sunday. That's a lot of time out of our already-hectic lives...but it may be the only chance we have to just get the training over with and not go for two hours a week for eight weeks.

What do y'all think? Care to sound off?

Tonight is another night of work for me. I hope it goes well. Some nights are better than others.


  1. If you decide to do it, we could probably help with the kids.

  2. Bad Lizzy Bad you have to let mommy take her nap!!!!!!!!!!!!


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