Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday, Monday

Coming down off a sugar high is never a good thing, especially for a five-year-old. Nate is outside playing, thank goodness! He and Shelly are best friends, and they love playing outside together! Sage, unfortunately, cannot partake of the joy because she insists on digging under the fence! I worry for her safety, as she is not very car-smart. So, I need to dig out her chain and start chaining her out until I can think of something to plant along the fence to keep her away from it.

We had a fun Easter. How about you? I had to teach in relief society, which went okay, I guess. I had them in tears, which I suppose is a good sign. Nate was on a major high all day, till he just crashed at 7 p.m. Lizzie wasn't far behind him.

I think Andy and I will go to a movie tonight without the kids. Nate's best friend Taro has invited him over, and his parents have graciously included Lizzie in the invite so we can have time alone. :) Wuhoo! Date night! :) I hope there's something good playing.


  1. Congrats on getting out on your own. That is big deal. We were going to go visit Idaho this week, but we can't get everyone well at the same time to do it. If we did go later this week, would Nate like to come with? Mark will be working, and we would have on extra seat in the car. Have a good day.

  2. Nate has school on Thursday. I guess it wouldn't be a huge deal to miss that though. How long will you be there? I'll have to talk w/ Andy and let you know.


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