Sunday, March 9, 2008

Saturday (or rather, Sunday)

I am so tired.

The kids are great. I started a growth chart on the door jamb going into the kitchen. Lizzie has grown about 3 inches since last July! Holy Smokes! "A weed" does not even begin to describe it!

We shaved Nate's head, at his request. He loves it! He tells Lizzie not to mess up his hair, and I just laugh!

The back yard is a muddy mess! Can't wait to put some grass in! I'm sure the kids and dogs will appreciate the place to play as much as I'll appreciate the lack of mud all over the house!

That's it today! Don't forget to set those clocks ahead, if you didn't last night!


  1. Cute picture. Still haven't heard for sure if she is or isn't expecting, I guess? Good luck with the corn rows.

  2. Nothing. All her phone numbers have been disconnected. I think she's actually in UT by now. Giver her a couple of months.


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