Monday, March 10, 2008


Becky (Ammon's mom) just sent this picture of when they all met for the first time. Hard to believe it was almost two years ago! Wow, how the time flies. Look how tiny our little Lizzie was! And the boys were so in awe of her...

Hard to believe we've only known Ammon for two years...he lives in our hearts, even if he doesn't live with us. We are so blessed to know him! We pray that someday Isabelle's parents will come around and let us all have contact with her.

Nate continues to insist on a brother. I keep telling him to ask Heavenly Father. My precious boy. He'll be absolutely dismayed if we get another girl! :) I tell him Heavenly Father will send who He will send.

Nate is dragging around the blanket from his bed. Don't know why. I'm going to hold Lizzie down and finish her corn rows tonight (I hope!) She really has no patience for them anymore.

And that's it for today! Bed time snuck up on us! Rotten Daylight Savings!

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