Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Time to post those wonderful pics that will later be used as blackmail when the kids start dating! (E-vil laugh: Mwuahahahaha!) These were taken just the other day. Needed something cute for the adoption web sites. :) Nate could tell that having his picture taken could only result in unhappiness. What a serious boy in a bubblebath!

Work actually went very well for me last night. I was home before 1 a.m.! Wuhoo!

Nate is outside playing again--Yay for warmer weather! He does tend to go stir-crazy in the winter. He can't wait to go camping, fishing, and do all things "in the mountains!" The rest of us are pretty darn excited, as well. Andy has been slowly going crazy without a stream to fish. He's bound and determined to find a good place this year. I can't wait to get my kayak out again, and Lizzie will just have fun being along for the ride!

Hurry Spring! Hurry!

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