Thursday, March 27, 2008

Another day with our family

This is Nate and his best friend Taro.

Taro came to hang out with us on Saturday. He and Nate sure get along well. Isn't Nate handsome in this picture? He is growing up so fast...

The wind is blowing just a bit, but I think we'll make time to go for a walk or to the park today. Life is going to be very crazy for a while, as one of the graphic artists was fired yesterday, and Andy will be working long hours to help cover...and I will still be working evenings up at the paper, too! It will be an interesting juggling act for a few weeks. Anyway, with all that coming soon, it will be good to take a little time out with the kids today.

If you want Nate to love you to death, send him mail. Grandma B signed him up for a little nature magazine that comes every month, and he is always over the moon when it shows up in the mail. He carries it around with him till it is tattered and torn. And every month, he gets a reminder that Grandma B loves him!

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