Friday, March 28, 2008


Wow, where did this week go?? Friday already! It looks like a nice day today. As soon as I thought "park" yesterday, it started snowing. Bummer! No clouds today, so we might just make it! Crazy Montana weather!

Since it's Friday, I have to be to work an hour early. Saturday's are shaping up to be my busiest day of the week, as I was just assigned another project. I am not thrilled about it, but I have very little choice in the matter. I'm a busy camper! Maybe I need to make a bigger deal about that fact so they stop giving me more stuff to do (that, or ask for a raise).

Lizzie slept right through the night last night. Thank goodness we found her sound machine! It creates white noise so silly sounds engines don't wake her. :) She is such a light sleeper that even me opening her door to make sure she's covered w/ blankets wakes her!

Must go now! Shelly is trying to snitch breakfast leftovers! BAD Shelly!!


  1. Wow, I was behind reading your posts. Cute pictures of the kids. Sorry I flaked on going to Idaho and calling you to tell you so. It has been a little crazy around here with all of the sickness, and I still just don't feel I have much energy. Maybe next time. Thanks for the posts. It gives me something to do during the day.

  2. No worries. It wasn't a big deal. We are all coming down with seasonal allergies. Poor Nate's nose is running off his face, and his eyes are itchy and runny, too. Claritin just doesn't quite cut it. Need to get him back on Zyrtek.

    Hope you all feel better soon!



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