Monday, March 31, 2008

Insert title here...

Is it the last day of March already?! Holy cow!

Tomorrow will mark the 9th anniversary of Andy & I announcing our engagement. Awww! No one believed me because it was April Fools Day. :)

We had a quiet weekend. We're so boring.

I can't wait for the new Narnia movie to come out! We're taking both of the kids; Nate loved seeing the first one in the theater so much, we can't leave him out this time! We hope Lizzie will enjoy it as much as Nate. She's not much of a movie-watcher, but she loves good music, and the Narnia movie is sure to have that!

Told you...boring. :)


  1. Mark started reading that book to the girls two days ago. I listened to him tonight, and it does sound like it will be good. I was sneaking a look ahead when he was done. When does it come out?


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