Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Okay. So. I've been really really tired lately. And I finally got sick of it and went to the doctor. My mom & sister both have thyroid problems, so I thought I'd be taking thyroid meds for the rest of my life. Anyway, long story short (is it too late for that?), blood tests showed no thyroid problem, but in fact I am expecting a baby. Huh. Go figure.

Tuesday again, and that means back to work for me. Ugh! Another long week ahead. They keep tacking on responsibilities and I guess I'm doing okay, cuz...well...they keep tacking on responsibilities. The new copy editor starts tonight...ah!...fresh meat! ;)

Andy is still busy busy at work, since they haven't replaced the fired graphic designer yet. What a juggling act, to get home in time for me to get to work!

Nate & Lizzie are doing great. So big!

Oh, and APRIL FOOLS!!!!! I am SO not pregnant! Have a good day, everyone!


  1. You SUCK! That wasn't nice! And your so weird! And I am so dumb to not get it until the end of your post!

  2. No, I didn't go to the doctor. And hey, you have to be able to laugh about you infertility once in a while. Otherwise, us baren women would go insane. I hoped anyone reading would know that they would not find out about something like that on my BLOG, for crying out loud.

  3. ha! ha! hee! hee!! that is so funny!! on april fools my teacher played an trick on us too!!!!!!!!

  4. Mary that is hilarious!! I didn't get to read your first post before I saw the explanation, but I wish I would have. The funniest thing is that I almost pulled that same trick on Dave, but I decided he wouldn't believe me!!


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