Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hey, it's Tuesday

Today has been just a regular day, I guess. Sometimes, I wish I had more exciting stuff to post here. But, really, this site is so our friends and family can catch up on our lives, and/or stay current with our lives. I hope my boring, day-to-day posts help you feel as if you are part of our everyday lives.

What do you think of the new colors? I'm not sure I like them...I was hoping to encourage Spring to come by using a brighter (for me) background, but I just...hmmmm...I'll give it a couple of weeks to grow on me.

Nate graduates from preschool next month. Seriously. Graduation for preschool? I know, I know...It's a milestone, but good grief! Oh well. At least he'll have a big send-off, and I guess it's better for him to have a big FINAL day, rather than school to just stop; that might confuse him.

"Oh man," is Lizzie's new favorite phrase. And she's perfected the all-important, "MINE!" She usually uses the latter when she's trying to take food from one of us. :)

Things continue to go well at work for both Andy and me.

The projects around the house have commenced again. Andy finally found the heat gun and is tackling the staircase again. We haven't decided if we should paint it again or stain it. Any opinions?

Well, that's about it for us today. This posting ended up really long! Have a good day, everyone!

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