Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hey y'all

Another quiet Sunday for us!

Lizzie's b-day is a week from tomorrow. Yikes! :o Haven't even decided what to get her, besides an icecream cake (mmmmm, yummy!).

I wish I had something deep or inspirational to say, but I don't. Our thoughts are with Sherrie and her family right now (we love you!).

Had a run of baby names today. Don't ask. It's an adoption thing. I just randomly start picking out names. But what do you think?

Richard Adam
Zane Richard
Jarom Adam
Aaron Harold
Aaron Richard

Not sure why it was boy names today. *shrug* :D


  1. Richard and Adam seem to be favorites, Hu? What is the plan for Lizzie's birthday. I may have to come by myself on Saturday. Are we going swimming? Mom said on the phone today that Brook may not make it. I guess you will have to talk to Brook about that.

  2. Aaron, Adam and Richard are faves right now. :) I'll call tomorrow about b-day plans.

  3. I like Adem and Aaron. What do you think?


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