Monday, April 21, 2008


Aaaaand the start of another week!

I have to do something with Lizzie's hair this week! It is getting way too out of control! I wish she had more patience with it...I can't get her to sit still for more than a few minutes if I'm messing with her hair. *sigh*

We watched I am Legend last night. I was not impressed. Watched The Water Horse on Saturday. I was more impressed with it, but not so much that I'd watch it for the third time today, no matter how big a fit Nate pitched. We all loved Enchanted. We will have to buy that one. And we all liked No Reservations, as well. Even Nate liked that one, cuz of the cooking. He likes cooking. But he didn't like the kissing, which he said was naughty ("Yes," I told him, "you can only kiss if you're married."). He has latched onto the naughtiness of kissing and now physically pulls Andy and me apart if he catches us smooching. I try to tell him that we're married, so kissing is allowed, but to no avail. Alas!

We got six inches of snow over the weekend. Yes. Six. I am in utter dismay. Where was all this lovely snow back in December and January (and February), when I wanted it!? Now it's April and I want grass and flowers and weather nice enough for Nate to play outside! Curses!

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