Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hi all

Tuesday again, and the beginning of another work week. I am truly not looking forward to working this week. I know I'm never terribly excited about it, but I have a migraine today and I just. Don't. Feel. Like. Working! But, alas, bills must be paid and as someone said, "Work is a spiritual necessity."

If anyone feels like visiting on Saturday, we're having Lizzie's birthday party. Two years! Two years ago, I got an e-mail from our agency saying, "Lisa is pregnant. Are you interested in adopting the baby?" The answer, as you all know, was a resounding YES! And two years ago, our little angel came home. When we count our many blessings, our kids are at the top of the list. And their birthmom. No matter her short-comings, she made our family possible, and we love her.

Well, that's it today! Much love to all!

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