Thursday, April 24, 2008

The wee, small hours of the morning

Just dropping a note for the scores of people reading this blog! ;)

It is snowing again! AGAIN!! (insert astonished, angry face here) And it's that thick, wet kind of snow, too. *sigh* Where, oh where has spring gone??

I'm going to redo our picture collage (sp?) for our caseworker in the next couple of weeks. Anyone have some fun pics of us? I will (of course) post it for all to see! And if I can't manage an image that big on this site, I'll make a slide show. Anyhoo! If you have any, let me know! :)


  1. Snow again!?! In both your neighborhood and mine, the weather sure has been odd lately.

    - Erika

  2. Check out my blog! Jazman had her baby last night!

  3. It's got to warm up sometime, right? With winter in April and talk of shortages in food, it is starting to look like the end...I hope not.


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