Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Oh Zizzie!

"Oh Lizzie!" I said in exhasperation. She had just wreaked havoc on my laptop (again). She gave me her best smile and replied, "Oh, Zizzie!" Yes, very hard to stay mad at that one.

Well, it's just a typical Tuesday here. Nate doesn't have school because they're practicing their program tomorrow. A program. Can you think of anything less fitting to Nate's personality? I can imagine him now, standing frozen on stage with that serious look of his. *sigh*

I've applied for a copy editing position that is currently open at the paper. It would be a move up from my current editing position, so we'll see. The hours are pretty crazy, but...well...we'll see. :)

Oh, hey. If you visit our adoption site on www.hopetoadopt.com, please leave us a message so we know who's looking at the site. Thanks!

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