Friday, April 11, 2008


Well, it's Friday again! My, how the time flies! Tonight is going to be a busy busy day at work for me.

I'm feeling very excited about the adoption today. We're only a phone call away. I mean, we're always just a phone call away from finding out a baby (or older child) is coming home! There is every reason to be hopeful.

Winter is still hanging on here in Montana! Curses! The Weatherman predicts warm weather for the weekend. Hooray! But who knows what will happen after that! Well, as I told a friend of mine, that's the price we pay for the glorious Mountain air! :)

*Yawn* We're so boring.

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  1. Ok, I need more details about this adoption possibility. Who, what, where? Even if it is a phone call away, when it is a possibility, I like to hear the details. I promise to keep it in prospective.


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