Saturday, May 31, 2008

Home again!

Ah! So nice to sleep in my own bed! We are trying to get some yard work done today. Andy bought some gorgeous tomato and pepper plants at the Farmers' Market and we can't wait to plant them! :D Wuhoo! Salsa for us, salsa for us! *Happy dance* The lawn mower isn't working, so the lawn is horribly overgrown. Andy is tinkering with it. The lawn mower, that is, not the lawn. ;) The best news of the day is that the sun is shining and the weather is lovely! Hooray! *More happy dancing*

ElGuyo & ElGirlo, we are heading to Victor for the 4th of July. Feel like meeting up in I.F. for lunch or something?

Kaspian, you are always so busy! But you sound as if you're doing great, so that makes me happy! Andy continues to be jealous of your garden, so it's a good thing he has a few plants to play with now! :)

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