Sunday, June 1, 2008


Just finished watching Juno. Have you seen it? Do you know that moment at the end? That moment when Jennifer Garner says, "I have a son!"'s like that. And you know how you felt when she held him for the first time? Take that, amplify it by a million.'s like that. And you know that part when she is sitting on the bed, gazing into her son's face, stroking his know how you felt then? Again, by a million and's like that.

I wish I could explain it. Words fail me. ME! Words fail me. But, yes, it's amazing. Being an adoptive mom is amazing. And I know every biological mom will say the same about childbirth, but really...adoption rocks.


  1. So I guess you liked the movie? I loved it when the girl says, "Can't we just kick it old school and I put it in a reed basket and flot it your way?" There are a lot of fun lines in that very serious show. Now you have to watch "Bella". Another good one. Thanks for the insight.

  2. From one adoptive mom to another, I know it's hard to wait! Jazz up your blog with BLOG BLING and get more attention!

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    Best wishes as you await your next blessing!


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