Thursday, June 5, 2008

Nine Years

Wow. Has it really been that long? Nine years is a long time. No one can say I haven't changed a bit (physically or any other way). I've been to the highest heights and the lowest depths, and it's all been great because I've done it all with my best friend at my side. Yes, Tuesday was our nine-year anniversary. Yay for us! *Happy dance*

It snowed today. And it's just so depressing I can't talk about it anymore. :(


  1. Did..... it.... really... snow..?

    Wow, just - wow.

  2. *weeps* Yes. It did. It didn't stick, but it was so depressing anyway! Today is nicer, though.

  3. Congrats all over the place! Boy, you people are old! 9 YEARS! We don't celebrate 9 years until October. You're so much older than us.


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