Saturday, May 17, 2008


We went and saw The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian today. Wow. Not only brilliantly written (by C.S. Lewis, let's not forget), but beautifully filmed with an amazing musical score! There is a lot more sword-play in this film than the first, so be prepared!

I actually cried throughout the entire movie. Hormones? Perhaps. Nervous breakdown? Possible. However, I do tend to get emotional over the battle between good and evil. I think we too often forget that there is a battle waging around us, even now. Our day-to-day lives are such a struggle in and of themselves that we lose sight of the Eternal nature of our existence. Do we valiantly put ourselves on the Spiritual front lines and forge forward with Faith and determination? I wish the evils we face were as obvious as a giant army at the doorstep. We are not asked to run forward into battle carrying a sword. We are asked to sit with our children for daily scripture study and family prayer. We are asked to serve and love those around us. I hope we realize that our fight with evil is just as real as those depicted in movies and books. And that is why I cry. I cry because there have been those in my life who fought for me and with me. I cry because I see friends and family fighting for their children every day. And I cry because I know the forces of Righteousness will eventually win the day.

Go see it. Tell me if you cry.


  1. The first Narnia was really hard for me for the same reason. Knowing that it was a type for Jesus's life and what he did for us, and then to watch them stand at the battles front prepared to run into their enemy like that, it was very emotional. Like you it made me think of the battle we are in now, and are we fighting without hesitation for what is right?

  2. I can't wait to see this movie! We loved the 1st one. But WAY more than that, we loved the books. ElGirlo & I have read them together several times. We love to go back to Narnia. And you're right, the battle is real. Thanks for fighting so hard and being good friends that have fought for me!


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