Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Must. Not. Cry!

Nate graduates from preschool today. I we need a graduation for preschool, for cryin' out loud? Still, it is a milestone in my oldest child's life, and I can't help but think back on the years. The years we waited for him to come home, and the years that have followed; they joy, the laughter, the sorrow and tears, the screaming and yelling. Aw....good times. ;) I dressed him to the nines today, in his white shirt, dress pants, and boots...yes, I had to comprimise: He didn't want to wear his church shoes and I didn't want him to wear his Spiderman shoes. Boots fell somewhere in between. I cut his hair and scrubbed him down and lotioned him up till his skin was glowing. He even put on one of Grandpa Gene's old ties. And there he stood, that little boy we waited so long for, looking all grown up, and oh! My heart broke and soared at the same time!

Pictures to follow, if I can find some batteries and delete pics off the memory card! ;)

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  1. Ha Ha! ElBoyo had a little grad-ee-aishun ceremony for preschool too. A bit less formal, but nonetheless... And NO! We don't need a preschool graduation. I mean, sheesh!


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