Thursday, May 22, 2008

No snow, no snow, no snownosnownosnow...

Yes, I have convinced myself that if I chant this mantra loud enough and long enough, it will come true. We shall see in the morning (a mere few hours away). It was still just warm enough to be raining when I got home.

Pictures of the ever-important graduation tomorrow. As I thought, he hated the whole thing. Didn't crack a smile once. And, after consuming two pieces of celebratory cake, said, "Let's go home!" and ran out without a look back. Well...he's five.

Work was a pain tonight. Didn't get home till 1 a.m. Wow, Nate is going to be awake in five hours. :(

Lizzie said, "Cool!" and "bubbles"today. And actually pronounced them well. She basically runs around saying whatever Nate says. He finds it irritating. That's why she does it.

Andy's back is feeling better. :D Hooray! All it needed was some furniture moving to get it back in the swing of things! :D

A shout out to Erika today, who I know reads this blog once in a while. Whutcha' up to, kid!? :) And a shout out to ElGuyo and ElGirlo. We all have to get together this summer!


  1. I am here!

    These days, I've got 13 horn students, and I spend a lot of my unscheduled time working outside in the yard, garden, and greenhouse. Various salad greens, some peas, and several tomatoes in the garden, and it's time to plant beans, more peas, cucumbers, and some other things. (Must get the soil ready first!) I've got a lot of chiles and peppers in the greenhouse, and if this year is anything like last year, they'll be great!

    Last weekend I auditioned for the Tacoma Symphony, though I did not play as well as I am capable of. I will probably audition for the Bellevue Philharmonic over the summer (as long as I'm in town for the audition date...)

  2. Seriously, let's get together! If summer ever comes... It snowed again here yesterday. Sometimes I hate living in the mountains. But, I have to keep reminding myself how much I love it too. Thanks for the shout out. Great to hear from Kaspian. You rock!

  3. Wow, kaspian, you've been busy! But then, you always are! Andy is jealous of your garden!


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