Thursday, May 8, 2008

Precious moments

Yesterday, Nate was looking through his Friend. In it, he found a picture of President Monson. He was so excited! "Mom!" He said, "Come see who I found! Look! It's President Monson!" Feeling a great deal of Mommy Pride, I replied that yes, that was President Monson, the Prophet. Nate said, "Yes. He lives at church!" I just had to hug him!

My little Tater-tot isn't feeling well today. He told me his teeth hurt, and when I investigated I wasn't surprised that they were! I was surprised to find two molars erupting through his gums. It looks very painful. And when my tough little boy whimpers in his sleep, "I want Mommy," just know he isn't feeling well. He always had a hard time teething. And I really wasn't expecting another set of molars at age 5!

Nate gave his preschool teacher a big hug today and told her, "I just love you so much!" She was so tickled! She came out of class beaming to tell me! He will be sad when school ends in a couple of weeks.

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  1. Fun Nate stories. Sorry to hear about the teeth. Hope it isn't to long lived.


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