Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ultra Sound

It became more and more obvious the longer I laid on the table, the more goop the technician squirted on my stomach, that she wasn't finding anything wrong. Liver, stomach, spleen, pancrius, kidneys, gall bladder. Everything came up clean and clear. My organs are so darn healthy it is astounding! So why, oh why am I in so much pain?

Acid reflux. Huh? Well, that's what they told me as they handed over the Prevacid and told me to "bland down" my diet (Um...that's gonna be an issue). So, I'll give their little pills a try and hope they work. So far...not much of a change.

Brooke! We hope to see you this month! Mark! Thanks for your kind note! Erika! I know you're out there; hope you're great!

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