Sunday, June 29, 2008

Happy birfday to me, happy birfday to me


My "celebration of independence from the womb," as one of my friends put it, was nice. Had cake. Had Jell-O. Had a yummy beef roast that Andy made on the grill (I knew that thing would come in handy). Took a walk with the kids around some of the cute little neighborhoods we live by (which ensured a speedy sleep for Nate, who hasn't been sleeping). Andy gave me a groovy little fan thingy that goes under my lap-top so the laptop and my lap both stay cool. Excellent!

I am looking forward to working just three days this week. Wuhoo! It will be nice to have some time off, for sure!

Saw Ratatuilli this weekend. Not horrible. Nate loved it and is now producing pictures of "rats everywhere!" Yippee.

Well, that's it for me tonight! Montana has finally warmed up! Wuhoo! :D

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