Monday, August 11, 2008

I right here!

Lizzie loves having a blanket thrown over her head for peek-a-boo. It has been her favorite game for ever. When we play, I alway say, "Where's Lizzie? Wheeeeere's Lizzie?" She has started laughing and replying, "I right here!" It just cracks me up.

Nate has had some sort of tummy flu. He can't keep anything down, though he doesn't have a fever. He says his tummy "feels great," but then a bowl of Cheerios finds its way to the light of day for the second time and I think, "or not." Thank goodness these kind of things pass quickly! He has been asking almost every morning, "Do I go to school today?" He is getting very eager!

All is well here. We have been enjoying some cooler weather. We have been waiting to hear back from a birthmother who contacted us; however, it has been two weeks, so I am thinking she either changed her mind or needs to think her decision over some more. Keep her in your prayers, please. She needs guidance and comfort, even if she chooses not to place with us.

I've been undoing Lizzie's braids and trying to think of what to do next. Any suggestions? We have some great new leave-in conditioner/detangler, so the sky's the limit! :)

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