Thursday, August 14, 2008

Kitchen update

Well, we are almost halfway done with texturing and painting the kitchen (PURPLE!). A bank of the old cabinets has already gone bye-bye (wuhoo!) and another will most likely follow this weekend. Then, we'll put in some of the new uppers. Hooray! And we'll move the fridge and stove to get at the other walls so we can paint them, too! Hooray! Andy has all of next week off to work on the thing. One of my friends had this reaction when I told him what we were doing: "What?????!!?? Are you crazy!? Have you been smoking crack!?" Well, the answers to those questions are a) Yes, probably, and b) Nope. All who wish to help are more than welcome to stop by next week! Or, come gaze at our gloriously purple walls! They will make you happy, I promise. :D

Andy scored us a free photo session on Tuesday. Yes, the smart man! He just has to teach the folks at the photo place how to use Photoshop. Excellent trade. So, the dilemma: What to do with Lizzie's hair!? And also: Does Nate have any pants left without holes in the knees!? I'm all a-dither. Good news for Nate's wardrobe: We're going school shopping tomorrow or Saturday, so that prob may just take care of itself. If you have suggestions for Lizzie's hair, please speak up!


  1. What if you did her hair with the cute little beads on strands of hair with ponytail holders at the end holding them on?

  2. I think Lizzie always looks really cute with just her corn rows in, but I dunno...
    Hey we were in Logan this weekend and we saw an auto dealership called "Nate and Andy's Quality Cars." Dave thought it was really funny.


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