Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Same ol', same ol'

I really envy the bloggers who come up with witty and/or intelligent things to say in their blog day after day after day. But, I guess if I had witty and/or intelligent things to say on this blog it wouldn't be our family blog! :) Ya gotta' love the logic there.

Shout out to Dave, who is recovering from his Frankification. Think of some cool story for the scar.

So, not much going on around our house these days. Nate goes to school, comes home from school and eats twice his weight in food every day. Lizzie is getting over a cold. It will be nice to have her back to her regular self. Andy and I are working, as always. There have been some layoffs at the paper, but they seem to be going from the top down, rather than the bottom up. They're getting rid of the people who've been around the longest and make the most money, frankly. Such is the newspaper business.

We are finally having autumn-like weather, instead of winter-like. The leaves are turning colors. The light is losing the gold it is laced with during the summer months. The days are clear, with cold mornings and warm afternoons. Just as autumn should be.

I have reached new depths of sleep deprivation, as I've been writing after work. It makes for very late nights. New York Times Best Sellers List, here I come! ;)

Nate's favorite saying this week: Don't hang out in the stairwell! Stop putting clothes in the garbage disposal and QUIT SMOKING! (Quotes from Lady in the Water)

Lizzie's favorite saying this week: Where's Lizzie's bum? (Then she covers her bum and laughs)

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